tim antkowiak

Storytelling for God’s Kingdom

Tim Antkowiak, Executive Director, Christ at Work
Tim is a video producer and director who is passionate about telling stories to educate, inspire, and motivate positive action. He has over 14 years of experience in the Corporate world and 15 years in Ministry, Tim recently accepted the calling of shepherding Christ at Work, a non-profit that captures inspiring stories of people bringing their faith into their workplace and displays them on the website.

Project Description:

A Christian’s faith is not only displayed on Sundays. It should also be lived out fully in the workplace where people spend the majority of their time during the week. The workplace is a great opportunity to reach people. Christ at Work’s mission is to create inspirational video stories and then inspire business leaders to take their first step to bringing faith into the workplace.

By viewing examples and hearing about the experiences of others, individuals and organizations can see new possibilities for how they can live out their faith and change the life direction for those around them. This working group will seek to continue to scale the mission of Christ at Work by engaging with and highlighting stories of faith in the workplace with the goal of encouraging more individuals to live out their faith in their daily lives.

The goal is to continue to build out the platform of stories and network for opportunities to present what we’re seeing so the movement can continue to grow. Christatwork.cc was launched only a few months ago but God has already used it to inspire several businesses to start strategies of their own. Lives are already being changed! We believe that with additional exposure to the possibilities, this initiative can continue to make a significant impact in businesses and God will continue to use these stories and strategies to inspire people and transform lives.

Who is involved?

Additional stories of inspiration from leaders needed. Christ at Work is fully funded by two companies who have seen first-hand the impact strategies of Christ in the workplace can have. We are looking for “disciples” who will share the website and help grow the impact.

Project Goals:

1. Engage with churches, organizations, and other leaders to collaborate on sharing stories for the Kingdom.
2. Build awareness for the Christ at Work mission and initiative for people to engage with their faith in their workplaces.
3. Strategically provide and produce content for presentations, ideas of how people can engage their faith, and resources for businesses, organizations, churches, etc.

Project metrics:

• Number of stories shared
• Collaborations with organizations: non-profits, churches, and individuals
• Engagement of videos
• Number of speaking engagements and opportunities.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Tim Antkowiak at info@kingdomecosystems.com