rebecca walls

Building an Infrastructure of Christian Leaders Across DFW

Rebecca Walls, Executive Director, Unite DFW
Rebecca is the Executive Director of Unite, a network of diverse churches and other organizations across DFW working together to help our neighbors flourish holistically. Their mission is to inform, connect, and equip these organizations to care for their people and community, and they curate an ever-evolving set of local, national, and global partners and tools to do so.

Project Description:

Every person, organization, sector, and community is created to play a unique role in fostering holistic flourishing, according to Ephesians 2:10. Unite has access to the resources necessary to meet any need. We just need to find the individuals willing to be utilized in God’s work of redemption and restoration, systematically connecting those resources into a network, and making the resulting network navigable.

In 2022, Unite began to push their geography + issue + sector structure down to a community level county-by-county starting in Ellis County. Fully implemented, they will reach 1,024 total communities which are small geographies with one elementary school, an average of 5 churches, a handful of nonprofits and businesses, served by regional healthcare and government entities. The purpose of this working group is to bring about collaboration to scale Unite’s work across the DFW metroplex.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
• Unite DFW including all County Champions
• all County, Issue, and Sector Champions
• Unite’s tech partners (VOMO, Find Help, CarePortal, Gloo)
• Other strategic partners: All America and the LAR group for national consultation, and calling/vocation champion organizations.

Project Goals:

1. Bring participating leaders from every sector to the table.
2. Replicate proven County Champion model in Collin, Dallas, and/or other DFW
3. Identify, recruit, and hire County Champions.

Project metrics:

• Funds raised.
• Number of leaders convened from every sector (church, nonprofit, education,
government, healthcare, and business) from across a given county.
• Region and Community Champions identified.
• Shared technology implemented.
• County level goals set.
• Number of additional organizations committed to caring for their people and
• Number of Individuals committed to caring for their people and community.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Rebecca Walls at