keith thode

Leveraging Tech and other Corporate Assets for Social Impact

Keith Thode, CEO & Chief Scientist, AdvanceNet
Keith is the founder and CEO at AdvanceNet Labs, which takes technologies the for-profit world uses for progress and applies them to under-resourced communities and social challenges. He is an accomplished social entrepreneur and contributes to the advancement of social sector and commercial concerns including: AidConnect, Social Venture Partners Dallas, Creekwood Christian Church, OpusEdge and several real estate consortia.

Project Description:

Nonprofits and other mission-minded ventures lack access to the same powerful technology assets and business relationships that large businesses have to drive efficiency and results. As a movement, we can acquire and harness large technology and other assets under nontraditional philanthropic terms. We also have the opportunity to deploy those assets into a large ecosystem of service organizations creating transformational impact in our communities.

This working group will:

• Listen to our community service organizations and our small minority and women owned enterprises (MWEs) and document their capacity building needs.
• Develop the value propositions for the providers to engage as well as the community organizations.
• Develop methods and standards for acquiring and aligning large scale corporate technologies and other business capabilities under generous nontraditional terms to meet community needs.
• Pilot the concept with initial providers and organizations.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?

Eli Mercer, Nathaniel Cheshier, team of asset providers, under-resourced service providers, organizations.

Project Goals:

1. Develop needs and capabilities through assessment and attentive listening.
2. Develop General Value Propositions per Audience and Provider Acquisition Approach and Guidelines.
3. Bring capabilities to groups that were previously unattainable. Unlock unprecedented impacts. Develop new solutions.
4. Economies of scale for providers and organizations.
5. Network effect developed, collective power, collaboration, and unity.

Project metrics:

• Acquire at least 5 provider agreements worth $1 million in assets for groups.
• Engage with at least 12 non-profit collaborators and pilot at least one technology or other asset with at least 3 under-resourced organizations.

Learn more about how contributing to our program and our community can make a big difference in the lives of others, and advance your business interests at the same time.

Contact our volunteer team lead, Keith Thode at or (469) 458-0531 today.