jon edmonds

Building A Strong Legacy for the Next Generation in South Dallas

Jon Edmonds, Senior VP of Operations, JBJ Management
Jon is a leader and skilled negotiator who has driven revenue to unprecedented levels, increased market share, developed strategic alliances and controlled costs to maximize profitability and stakeholder value. He has also been a catalyst in raising funds and leading not-for-profit organizations in strong and challenging economies. Jon brings all stakeholders to the table to uncover opportunities.

Project Description:

The South Dallas community has a rich cultural and historical heritage, but it has also faced many challenges over the years including economic disparity. This initiative seeks to build upon the community’s strengths and address its challenges, by focusing on building a strong legacy for the next generation through entrepreneurship, economic development, education, and community engagement.

By providing opportunities for wealth creation and improved quality of life, we can create a brighter future for the young people of South Dallas. This project will seek to develop partnerships with local elected officials, investors, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals who share our commitment to building a better tomorrow.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
• The City of Dallas and its economic development agencies, local community organizations.
• Local businesses and investors who are committed to supporting economic development in South Dallas.
• Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to improving education and training opportunities in the community.
• Local churches and communities of faith

Project Goals:

1. To promote wealth creation, economic development, and job opportunities in South Dallas, by supporting local businesses and attracting new investments.
2. To improve education, training, and real-world applied learning opportunities for young people in the community.
3. To promote economic growth and entrepreneurship in the community.
4. To increase community engagement and foster a sense of pride, ownership, and optimism among South Dallas residents, especially young people.

Project metrics:

• Participation in community engagement initiatives.
• Number of new investments, job opportunities, and partnerships created.

Overcoming the Racial Divide by Discovering the Blessing of Multicultural Relationships and Community

Project Description:

There are many hidden blessings in friendship. This is especially true when we build strong and trusting relationships across cultures. Multicultural relationships teach us about other cultures, but even moreso, they teach us about ourselves. Multicultural communities foster a sense of belonging, promote mutual understanding and respect, and bring people together. Multicultural communities value all contributions, talents, gifts, and perspectives to work collaboratively to solve problems and meet needs.

This project seeks to bring people from different nationalities, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds together to build strong, multicultural relationships and community. We will foster mutual respect among people. We provide opportunities for people to engage in intercultural dialogue. And we will lean in to build meaningful relationships.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
• Community leaders
• Businesses
• Schools
• Organizations from different cultures and backgrounds

Project Goals:

1. Bring people together across cultures.
2. Create a welcoming environment that fosters healthy dialogue.
3. Promote volunteering to serve needs in the community.
4. Collaborate in community service and business across cultures.
5. Provide mentorship and opportunities to build relationships across generations.

Project metrics:

1. Number of participants engaged in cross-cultural activities and events in the community.
2. Number of cross-sector and multicultural partnerships and collaborations established.
3. Testimonies shared from people who discover the blessings.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Jon Edmonds at