john hampton

Launching YOUniversity into the DFW Marketplace

John Hampton, Director of Partnerships Unite-DFW, Collin County Champion
A lifelong learner, a coach, a husband, a dad, and a lover of people, Mr. Hampton leads the Unite-DFW movement in Collin County and develops partnerships to serve all the communities of DFW. Connecting nonprofits, businesses, churches and government entities to help meet the needs of the local community with the purpose of each citizen flourishing.

Project Description:

Knowledge and know-how combined with creativity, dreams, and confidence in one’s ability to execute will create a resilient mindset to fulfill their God-given purpose and calling. The YOUniveristy Project exists to transform the next generation using their built-in video game mentality of “leveling-up” with each set of accomplishments. The entrepreneurial project-based competition will begin with a shaved ice truck and could flow through to angel funding for a business. Each project will have an unknown outcome with limitless possibilities. In reviewing the outcomes with wise and experienced leaders, one will understand how the team’s decisions led to successes or complex challenges. Graduates of YOUniversity will become well-rounded, critical thinkers with marketable skills.

A mentor-led project creates opportunities to develop a network of friends to accomplish the tasks given to each team. A pilot program will launch during the summer of 2023 in the DFW area with workshops and a practicum with a shaved ice truck. Members will be promoting and working the truck at for-profit and nonprofit events. We have identified a core team but will be adding other key members over the next three months. Individuals will flourish as they gain an understanding of their identity, strengths, talents, and abilities they possess. An individual working in the context of a team, with a well-developed skill set, and growing confidence with each completed project, will produce a transformed person.

Who is involved?

• A team of proven experts in the areas of entrepreneurship, networking, leadership, project management, and operations.

Who else needs to be involved? The PGA, Professional Sports Teams, and University athletic programs. Any organization working with “at-risk” youth populations.

Project Goals:

The YOUniversity Project defined goals for our first year:
1. Recruit and establish a world-class team to serve underserved communities and all those who want to become everything they were created to be
2. Produce materials to help scale this project to everyone who needs it
3. Develop a marketing strategy and materials for the YOUniversity project
4. Establish the YOUniversity brand throughout DFW with a community of support
5. Engage a web developer and launch a website and user portal for stakeholder engagement
6. Pilot our first 7 cohorts of 10 learners through the process
7. Develop a list of events our shaved ice truck can attend

Project metrics:

• 70-140 individuals enrolled in the YOUniversity project with transformation initiated
• A team of 25-75 leaders pouring into the next generation
• 2,500 shaved ice beverages sold (June-August).
• 15-20 future businesses envisioned and plans written.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, John Hampton at