john decker & jeremy story

Every Student Sent

John Decker, Director of Partnerships, Every Student Sent
John has 23 years of business development experience with Lockheed Martin and Philips and planted a Intervarsity Chapter at Syracuse University. He joined Campus Renewal in 2016 and has been working on college transition solutions since 2008. Every Student Sent is a social network built with the purpose of connecting teens and leaders together in online social groups well before college begins that lead to physical connections and mission on the college campus.
Jeremy Story, Founder and President, Every Student Sent
For over 20 years, Jeremy has worked to encourage and train leaders to fervently pray and work together to transform college campuses. He has worked with hundreds of campuses and has personally traveled to over 40 states and worked on 5 continents towards this vision. He currently serves as the President of Campus Renewal and Every Student Sent. Jeremy lives with his wife, Jenny, and their seven children in Austin, Texas.

Project Description:

Beginning in 2007, Lifeway and Barna Research began to indicate that 2/3 of students walked away from Christian fellowship over the college years. Churches and university ministries have discovered that when you connect students with friends and leaders many months before college the 70% faith drop-off disappears, and freshmen Gospel movements are sparked in dorms and academic departments. Every Student Sent and its coalition is now working to make this normal in America so that no student is left behind.

This working group will seek to build a network of churches, universities, organizations and students to utilize and bring awareness to the Every Student Sent platform and initiative. This group will engage with leaders across sectors in our community to scale a sustainable campaign globally after testing out a proof of concept here in DFW.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
• Gateway church
• More partnerships needed: local colleges/universities, churches, organizations.

Project Goals:

1. Activate churches across DFW starting with 40 lead churches and Christian schools to engage with students and parents, then spread the word to others.
2. Refresh local awareness with current and future college ministries and churches and add additional college ministries, churches, and organizations to the platform.
3. Refresh local connections with current national partner organizations
4. Assist with the raise of funds needed to saturate DFW.

Project metrics:

• Number of DFW organizations on the platform
• Number of DFW students using Every Student Sent
• Number of partnerships with organizations including collegiate, church, denomination, business, school, marketplace, and homeschool.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteer team leads, John Decker & Jeremy Story at