jennifer leney

Scaling 6 Stones Momentum Program Across Tarrant County

Jennifer Leney, Executive Director, 6 Stones
Jennifer is a dynamic executive with 20 years’ experience and proven track record leading teams to success in nonprofit and corporate sectors. She is currently the Executive Director of, 6 Stones, a coalition of churches, businesses, cities and other non- profit organizations that provide solutions to meet the needs of our community.

Project Description:

There are three major categories of poverty alleviation efforts: rescue, recovery, and restoration. Due to the overwhelming need in Tarrant County and minimal resources available, most of the effort has been put into rescue programs to meet the immediate needs of people. As a step to fill the gap, 6 Stones recently piloted a program focused on recovery and restoration with great success. With the guidance of 7 partner churches, 6 Stones pioneered Momentum. To date, 130 adults and 30 students have graduated from the program. There are numerous examples of transformational change.

Momentum is the curriculum-based mentorship program helping our neighbors rise above life’s challenges by empowering physical, spiritual, emotional, and economic stability. The curriculum is 16 weeks consisting of 8 weeks of in-person sessions and 8 weeks of individual mentor/mentee meetings. By bridging multiple tiers of community and teaching life skills, the goal of Momentum is to help equip and encourage people in need. However, according to the DFWHC Foundation, there are still 250,000 people in Tarrant County living below the poverty line. Momentum is a proven innovative solution to the entrenched problem of poverty that can be scaled to meet the needs of the people in our community.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?

• Bank of America
• Cross City Church
• State National
• Transworld Business Advisors
• Central Bible Church
• Holloway Family Foundation
• Changing Chains Ministry
• Tarrant County College

Seeking other churches, Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, corporate partners and mentors.

Project Goals:

The goal of this working group is to scale Momentum across the county in partnership with churches and other nonprofit organizations in the region.
1. Raise $250k to scale the program.
2. Recruit volunteers and mentors for program.
3. Partner with more churches, schools, and other NGOs to increase capacity.
4. Graduate 1,000 adult and 500 young people from the program.

Project metrics:

• Lives transformed. Individuals and families lifted out of poverty.
• Church partnerships that lead to volunteers, mentors, and long-term relationships.
• New school partnerships that lead to more educational opportunities.
• Other NGO partnerships to continue to grow Momentum.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Jennifer Leney at