james kramer & nathan slafter

Rolling out Commissioned Platform in DFW for Impact

James Kramer, Founder & CEO, Commissioned LLC
James believes Christians should be on the leading edge of technology, innovation and design. With clients ranging from serial entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar companies, James has a proven track record in recognizing market opportunities and effective brand strategies. He and his beautiful bride, Anna, live in Kansas City and lead multiple Kingdom enterprises together including Pneuma33 Creative, World Changer Magazine and Foundation, and Commissioned.

Nathan Slafter, Finance & Foundation Board Member, Commissioned LLC
Nathan is a husband, father, investor, connector, and serial entrepreneur who inspires hope and belonging, so communities flourish and community ecosystems thrive. As an expansion stage leader and strategic operator, he has 20+ years of professional experience across multiple sectors and is passionate about Kingdom impact across traditional and emerging markets.

Project Description:

Commissioned is ‘Comms Central’ for ethical organizations, groups, and networks. This project will deploy a web3 convergence of WhatsApp, Slack, LinkedIn, and Eventbrite, complete with secure, private, encrypted communication helping organizations unite, defend, and advance the Kingdom of God through a robust, seamless, and first-of-its-kind blend of Simple, Safe, and Secure Comms, Networking and Matchmaking, Enterprise Productivity, Events, Mobilization, and Social Communities.

The project will support mobilization and collaboration through an integrated and proprietary native app that empowers organizations to structure for performance and impact, while also leveraging “network effects” for the Great Commission. Ideally, the project will focus on events and mobilization media. Events empower Christians, ministries, and ethical networks with communication collaboration prior-to, during, and after and event and ‘mobilization media’ that inspires action, activates audiences, and drives impact.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
• Need Ministries
• Ethical Networks

Project Goals:

The goals of the project are Event Engagement and Collaboration. Commissioned’s event system integrates attendee communication and engagement, registration, ticketing, collaboration, and mobilization of audiences before, during, and after the event, thus maximizing event outcomes. Commissioned has seen events achieve 100% audience registration and participation through our platform. We would like to empower Christians, Ministries, and Ethical Networks with tools that maximize event outcomes and impact that truly mobilizes audiences into the Great Commission.

Project metrics:

• Collaboration and Mobilization
• Number of Events
• Number of Participants
• Network Participation
• Measurable Impact.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteer team leads, James Kramer or Nathan Slafter at info@kingdomecosystems.com