deborah burns

Sustainable Impact in Tertiary Markets for Kingdom Impact

Deborah Burns, Managing Partner, InvestUS Opportunity Fund
Deborah is passionate about finding attractive investments in underserved businesses and communities that meet local community needs. Through investUS LLC, Deborah heads up the effort to deploy multi-disciplinary institutional investment strategies for triple-bottom-line investment results that generate attractive financial returns, economic growth, job creation, and positive social impact.

Project Description:

The wealth gap in the US is exacerbated by a lack of investment capital in smaller cities and rural communities, which is seen as the biggest threat to the country as the divide of the “haves” and “have nots” continues to grow (Congressional Budget Office). The lack of investment capital and competition in these underserved communities provides the opportunity to achieve better risk-adjusted returns than major markets while creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, and meeting local community needs.

By focusing private investment in smaller communities, investors can counter the arbitrary capital markets driven disintermediation of private investment capital that is systematically impoverishing the over half the country AND get better returns while meeting a local community need. This project is focused on exploring ways to improve stewardship of financial resources and counter the destructive effects of lack of investment in smaller communities, especially underserved groups in small cities, rural communities, and Opportunity Zones.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
1. Deborah Burns, Birga Alden and others in Albuquerque.
2. Similar individuals or teams in other cities, rural communities.
3. Economic developers, community leaders and investors in each community.

Project Goals:

1. Discuss the lack of capital investment in smaller cities and rural communities.
2. Identify barriers to investing in these underserved communities.
3. Develop strategies for overcoming these barriers.
4. Share effective solutions across communities.
5. Connect with investors and investment firms that are looking for emerging investment opportunities that deliver triple bottom line results.

Project metrics:

• Attract diverse stake holder group of at least 6-8 people from at least 2-3 regions.
• Develop an investment program or initiative that incorporates the findings.
• Connect with at least one investment group interested in funding program.
• Develop investment process to share across the US, and perhaps globally.
• Launch multiple investment programs in underserved communities in 2023.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Deborah Burns at