brandon giella

Developing a Unified Framework for Personal Spirituality, Vocational Impact, and Financial Stewardship

Brandon Giella, founder of Snapmarket
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Project Description:

Most Christians unintentionally separate their faith from their work. They may have personal spiritual principles such as quiet time and small groups, but those rarely impact their careers, vocation or finances. Articulating how to use their God-given resources to make an impact in their communities would humble many faithful, intelligent believers.

However, this dynamic is quickly changing. The last few years have seen a growing faith-and-work movement, such as through Praxis Labs’ Redemptive Entrepreneurship as well as Faith Driven Entrepreneur. There is also growing interest in so-called impact investing or faith-based investing, such as through Eventide Asset Management and their Center for Faith and Investing, as well as Faith Driven Investor. This is in addition to increasing interest in systems for personal spirituality, such as Practicing the Way. The challenge is that theologically-minded believers have little expertise with finance, economics, and investing, while finance-minded believers have little expertise in theology. Additionally, there is little in the way of an overarching, unified framework to unite these disparate subjects. A new theory called placemaking may provide the foundation for such a framework.

This project aims to integrate and synthesize these schools of thought into one coherent system, and then use that system to invest via a new, accredited angel investment firm called Giella Capital, expected to launch January 2025.

Who is involved?

• Brandon Giella
• David Larsen and others

Project Goals:

1. Design a framework that integrates personal spirituality, vocational impact, and financial stewardship that both theologians and financial professionals could support.
2. Use excess cash generated from Snapmarket to establish and invest through an accredited angel investment firm called Giella Capital, expected to launch January 2025.

Project metrics:

• Create the system.
• Create a legal entity for Giella Capital.
• Create content with this platform.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Brandon Giella at