anna hammonds

Public Mental Health Campaign Pilot

Anna Hammonds, Community Liaison, Unite Ellis County Champion
Anna Hammonds became Unite’s Ellis County Champion in January 2022 after leading an interview and research process of leaders from all sectors across the county. Coming in with a background in nonprofit consulting, leadership of the Midlothian Project, and an entrepreneurial spirit, she has been an incredible asset and has since won a spot on the Midlothian City Council.

Project Description:

After an interview and research process of leaders from all sectors, mental health was identified as a challenge the whole county could get behind. Having built their infrastructure in 2022 and activating it in a string of crisis situations, Ellis County is ready to launch a campaign for purposes of destigmatizing mental health and connecting people with resources. After piloting this process in Ellis County, Unite expects to roll it out Metroplex-wide.

Project metrics:

• Number of Community Navigators trained.
• Number of Frontline organizations engaged.
• Number of landing page hits.
• Number of requests for help received by Grant Halliburton.
• Number of neighbors referred by GH to Community Navigators for prayer,
spiritual questions, relationship, or tangible needs.
• Number of community members participating in the Emotional Support Overview.


• Unite DFW Team
• Unite Ellis Mental Health Team
• Grant Halliburton Foundation
• Repurposed and other calling/vocation champion organizations.

Project Goals:

1. Launch a county-wide baseline Wellbeing Assessment on April 18.
2. Partner with the Grant Halliburton Foundation to launch a county-wide Mental Health Ad Campaign on April 18.
3. Train Community Navigators to receive referrals for prayer, spiritual questions, relationship, and other tangible needs.
4. Reach 50% of the population through front line organizations, shareable social media, and earned media.
5. Train the community to care for their friends and family using Unite’s Emotional Support Overview.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Anna Hammonds at