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Impact Map for All Basic Needs for DFW, and In Time, Globally

Alison Reese, Executive Director, Tackle Hunger
Alison is a dynamic leader experienced in the ability to coach, supervise, and develop diverse teams of results-oriented individuals in non-profit and technology start-ups. Alison is an AIM-AHEAD Leadership Fellow in AI and ML through the National Institute of Health. She holds a Master of Educational Administration (M.Ed.) and a Master of the Art of Teaching focused from Trinity University and the University of North Texas.

Project Description:

This initiative will adapt and scale the Tackle Hunger Map to grow awareness and interactions to provide for specific needs of food charities across Texas. By also providing data utilizing food charity information in the map about deficits related to where food resources are available, communities and churches can better find solutions to their unique neighborhood level challenges through real data and understanding.

The pilot program to scale the map will begin in Texas. We will layer our food charity data with that of where food stores, dollar stores, opportunity zones and census data show high vulnerability thus being able to show specific data on a map of neighborhoods with highest risk of food insecurity and lack of resources so that local communities, led by the church, can activate a range of resources to solve the challenge. Souper Bowl of Caring will provide resources to those communities to assist in designing solutions that are appropriate for that community.

Other tasks related to using the Tackle Hunger Map to assist in local community flourishing, particularly in DFW and in Texas, will be determined based on committee feedback and discussion of needs and appropriate resources to ideate solutions.

Who is involved? Who else needs to be involved?
1. Partners: UH, Dell Technologies, Funders, and Tech Developers
2. Innovative leaders with business model strategy expertise

Project Goals:

1. Develop a sustainable business model that monetizes the value created.
2. Develop out a universal Map to include all basic need resources in a city.
3. Build awareness and church backing engagement for the map.
4. Identify ways and how to engage other groups to help with this initiative.

Project metrics:

• To successfully execute the business model to support costs.
• Build out new features in map to allow for specific needs to be broadcasted to supporters nearby and test it as a pilot program in TX.
• We will measure impact by specifically tracking interactions with the map and with groups participating in our programs at Tackle Hunger.

If you want more information or would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer team lead, Alison Reese at