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Career experiences and education for productive, engaged, and work-ready college students.

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The Problem:

for employers

College graduates are not entering the workforce work-ready and do not remain for a long time.

For educators

Graduates entering workforce lack necessary soft skills which reflects poorly on college’s reputation.

For students

Students struggle to find meaningful paid internships.

Billion on workplace integration


of employers have trouble finding suitable job candidates


of college graduates are work-ready


of college graduates leave their employment within 3 years

The Reason:

Employers, colleges & students are caught in a vicious cycle

How Opus Edge Helps:

building the bridge

OPUS EDGE is the bridge between academia and historically underrepresented students and the private sector. OPUS EDGE hones in on the unique talents of each individual student and connects them with a company with a matching culture.

OPUS EDGE helps develop a stronger brand of institution that links academic learning to career outcomes.

who is opus edge

OPUS EDGE is a Delaware Benefit Company founded by business leaders and educators from major universities who want to bridge the gap between students and employers. We observed first-hand that students struggle to get internships. We also saw employers spending lots of money to make graduates work-ready after hiring them.

‌‌The OPUS EDGE BOARD is made up of seasoned educators, innovators, corporate executives, and college administrators.

Founder of Four Startups Former CEO MBA Professor
Former CTO and Founder Computer and Data Scientist

Former COO and Founder
MBA Professor

Former COO Professor of Business
CEO and Chief Scientist EdTech and Workforce Programs
Credit Unions, FinTech, GovTech EdTech and Workforce Programs
Chief of Staff at Dennison University

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Whether you are a college, company, or student, we invite you to explore our innovative Opus Edge solution to workforce success.

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