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Dreams are like Seeds

May 23, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

I’m not a farmer, but I know that when a farmer plants seeds he expects a harvest.
Now if he plants corn on Monday will he be able to harvest it on Friday?
That would be awesome, but corn takes anywhere from 60 to 100 days to grow. What happens in that waiting period? Does the farmer just go home and wait for it to pop up?
No. He has to protect that seed – making sure it’s getting enough water and preventing pests from stealing his harvest.

Dreams are much the same way. I believe God plants dream seeds in our heart. It’s up to us to make sure that seed is in the right environment to grow. We water that seed by the words we speak over it. If you’re constantly telling yourself you can’t do it or are around people who are discouraging you and those dreams you’ll never reach your potential. You might not tap into it at all.

But if you’re in a positive, encouraging environment – surrounding yourself with people who are speaking life into your dreams and you’re watering that seed with your own faith-filled words (opposite of fear-filled) that seed will grow and turn into a bountiful harvest.
It might not always be easy. There will be thunderstorms and pests that come along and try to steal your dream. But how bad do you want those dreams that have been deposited into your heart?

There will always be an opportunity to give an excuse as to why it can’t happen. There will be obstacles. There will be days when it looks like nothing’s happening.
But God is at work behind the scenes. Don’t let go of His promises. Don’t let go of that dream he’s placed in your heart.

It will come to pass.

How bad do you want it?

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