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Collaborate for Better Content

Jun 6, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you ever struggle knowing how to create content for your cause or movement?

You are not alone.

There is a little man or woman inside all of our heads that tells us things like:

  • “that’s a silly idea”
  • “Nobody will read that”
  • “You don’t have anything to share”

…or some other lie the enemy wants you to believe.

The truth is we have a lot to share from our own experiences and relationships. And the relationships part often gets overlooked.

Many people will tell you to pick an experience you had, and share something you learned or gained. That’s a great idea!

But we don’t always have something top of mind to share. If you reach that conclusion then head to your relationships.

I have found these 3 questions to be very helpful in relying on collaboration for content ideas:

  • What is something cool a friend of mine is doing?
  • How are they helping?
  • What are my original thoughts on that?

This does a couple of really cool things for your writing. It naturally loops other people in your ecosystem into your world.

And it gives you an idea that you didn’t have before!

I wrote an article about zipcodes that came from my new friend @Bill Beamon. We were on a call and he mentioned that people are shocked when they find out how many people don’t know the number of non-profits in their own neighborhood.

This sparked an idea, and I ran with it!

Ideas are all around us.

Progress is within our reach.

We just need to think like a network, not an individual.

Now it’s your turn.

Who could you honor today by writing about?

Tag me when you do it so we can keep it going!



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