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dr. eli d. mercer

CEO & Director
of R & D

sarah borg

Events & Media

jake jordan

Business Services

Ryan Reger

Venture Development

chris bankus

Non-Profit Development


Kingdom Ecosystems is a mission-driven organization that empowers frontline impact leaders to overcome challenges and achieve their missions at scale.


Our vision is to create flourishing human ecosystems where leaders and influencers from all sectors work together to break down barriers and improve quality of life.


Kingdom Ecosystems collaborates with leaders to design and deploy collaborative projects to move the needle on society’s greatest challenges. We provide tools, technology, and research to maximize, measure, and communicate impact.

advisory board

dr. Ross O’ Brien

Director, Center for Business As Mission; Entrepreneurship Chair, Dallas Baptist

wes lyons

General Partner, Eagle Venture Fund

craig norton

President CEO, Beyond the Known International